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About Port Erie

Mission Statement: To promote industrial, commercial, and recreational opportunities on Presque Isle Bay and adjacent waters.

The Port of Erie is located on the southeast shore of Lake Erie in a natural bay formed and sheltered by Presque Isle, Pennsylvania. Erie´s harbor entrance channel is 29 feet deep.

Board of Directors

Jeffrey W. Brinling

Sharon L. Knoll

Carl Wolfrom

William Panitzke

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Martin H. LaMar

Board Members

Daria Devlin
Patrick Groner Jr.
Scott Hitz
Jamie Martin-Stewart
William Petit, P.E.
William Sabatini
David Uhlig



Martin H. LaMar
Executive Director
814-455-7557 Ext. 223

Julie Slomski
Deputy Executive Director
814-455-7557 Ext. 228

Timothy M. Sennett, Esq.
General Counsel

Brian Barnes
Accountant/Public Records Officer
814-455-7557 Ext. 229

Janet Lyngarkos
Accounting Clerk
814-455-7557 Ext. 222

Anthony Pianta
Associate Director of Facilities & Harbormaster

Robin Waldinger
Chief Financial Officer
814-455-7557 Ext. 225

Bonnie Wright
Office Administrator
814-455-7557 Ext. 221

Port of Erie: Opportunity in Every Direction